Canopy Room

Canopy room, an aluminum alloy shed, is a movable building. The canopy room mainly provides tents for various temporary activities such as industrial storage, logistics distribution, wedding banquets, outdoor exhibition, sports, tourism & leisure, business party, celebrations, business promotion, military application and disaster relief.

Product specification

Canopy room is a new temporary building for outdoor activities and easy to store and transport, called “mobile real estate”. It is widely deployed in temporary warehouse, plant, temporary construction, exhibition canopy room, construction canopy room and emergency disaster relief. Canopy room is a new concept to international people, which emerged in people’s daily outdoor activities in recent years. It consists of base movable frame and tarpaulin. The frame is mainly made up of alloy and steel, with characteristics of small size and convenient for storage.

Tarpaulin is a very important part of canopy room, whose quality directly influences the safety of canopy room. Meantime, it is closely related to the safety of activity. Therefore, it is important to choose high quality tarpaulin. The design concept of canopy room is safe, fast and elegant. With the span ranging from 3m to 60m, it has types: small canopy room, cone top tent, garden tent, party canopy room, holiday canopy room, wedding canopy room, large canopy room, curved column canopy room, arc top canopy room, spire canopy room, polygon canopy room and double-floor canopy room. Meantime, our company can customize products for customers, provide creative space solutions and meet customers' personalized needs and possess comprehensive selection of accessories. All accessories have increased the function and purpose of canopy room to meet customers’ various needs.