Disaster Relief Tent

Special for disaster relief. 12m2 single tent is rectangular double-slope straight wall architectural style. There is a triangular window on the door-opening gable; a triangular window and a square window on the window-opening gable, and two square windows on both sides of the wall. The side wall can erect a sunshade canopy, which is pulled up by a rope and fixed with triangular piles. It meets the standard MZ/T 011.2-2010 of Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Product specification

Disaster Relief Tents

When nature decides to make life difficult with storms, high winds, floods, fires and other natural disasters, the consequence is often the loss of facilities or products.  Tangshan Pengcheng is a company that can and will help you get back to normal as soon as possible. We will provide solutions while assessing damage and product exposure to these elements. We provide temporary structures that can be moved quickly and safely to shelter people and their needs.

Examples of disaster relief tents include:

first responder command center

emergency control point

On-site medical facility

Safety facilities for personnel and equipment

Dining structure

sleep structure

Warehouse structure for products and equipment

On-site meetings, planning and coordination gathering points

Uses: For disaster relief command, emergency medical treatment after disasters, temporary schoolhouse, transfer and storage of relief materials and personal accommodation.