New Application Areas for Tents

Apr. 24, 2022

COVID-19 currently dominates our lives. Every day brings new restrictions and new changes. Not long ago, hardly anyone used the term isolation tent. Classified tents did not exist yet. Now, this application area of canopy tents has become a topic of conversation for everyone.


Learn how canopy tents are now helping to contain coronaviruses as classification tents and quarantine tents.

New Application Areas for Tents

Red Cross Tents


Classification tents and quarantine tents that have been tested before COVID-19!

For many years Pengcheng has had medical tent kits, which are important for the current development of triage tents, quarantine tents, rescue tents or fire department tents. It has proven its value in emergency situations for numerous rescue organizations and fire departments. That's why we at Pengcheng can conscientiously recommend the medical tent kit to hospitals, rescue organizations and civil protection as a triage tent or isolation tent, even in the current crisis situation!

New Application Areas for Tents

Fire Rescue Tents


Product advantages of classification and isolation tents

Enclosed space, absolute stability and at the same time maximum flexibility make the product details of the medical tent kit indispensable equipment in the current health crisis.

● Stability. The side walls of the medical tents are reinforced with PVC in the lower third. They can be attached to the ground or additional stability with sandbags. Stability and wind resistance are important, especially when used as mobile quarantine tents at border crossings. The medical tent kit includes pegs for additional securing of the quarantine tent.

● Visual protection. Especially in the health sector, i.e. during triage or quarantine, privacy is essential. For this reason, the windows of the medical tent have a special privacy screen. The side walls of the medical tent are also opaque.

● Flexibility. Quick assembly and disassembly allows the triage tent to be erected and set up in just a few minutes. No tools, no loose parts, and no a priori knowledge are required.


How and where to use the containment tent

Each night, the Civil Defense Department announces the number of infections, deaths, and quarantines. Quarantine means "temporary isolation of persons". This is the purpose of the isolation tents. They create mobile space solutions to separate sick people from healthy people and reduce the risk of infection.

● In front of pharmacies and supermarkets, quarantine tents provide a protected space for waiting customers, who stand at a defined safe distance in front of the entrance.

● At the same time, New Coronavirus testing stations were set up at border crossings to care for infected people in isolation tents.

● Served as a mobile waiting room for physician outpatient clinics to reduce the risk of infection in the actual waiting room.

● As a triage tent in front of the hospital. Here, Pengcheng's tent is also used as an isolation tent for temporary isolation of infected persons.