Why Canvas Tents

Jul. 26, 2022

Why Canvas Tents

You will realize that canvas tents are heavy, bulky, expensive, and they are quite complicated to maintain properly. So why would you want to have one? Here are some possible reasons:


Practically all of them are designed for all seasons.

From many points of view, they perform better both in a warm climate and in a cold climate. Such a canvas tent gives a bit of insulation, and in summer it makes the atmosphere in a tent cooler than a synthetic tent.

Why Canvas Tents

Those are durable tools.

Some manufacturers write that if you buy such a tent, you will leave it to your grandchildren, and they might not exaggerate. Some of them are built from a cotton and polyester mixed fabric so they incorporate the best from both worlds, you will see some examples below.


Such canvas tents are breathable and this makes lots of difference.

One of the biggest issues with synthetic tents is ventilation and condensation. Several people in a tent may exhale a couple of liters of moisture during the night, and this vapor tends to condensate on the cold walls and on your stuff. This is why vents in such tents are essential. In a breathable canvas tent, this problem is reduced to a minimum, and many of them also come with vents, you will see such examples below.


Anti-ultraviolet radiation

Canvas tents are more durable regarding UV radiation.

Some of these tents come with one or even two stove pipe jacks.

Such a tent combined with a wood stove is suitable for the coldest environments.


Some of the canvas tents are built to provide a sound insulation.

As I said above, canvas tents are heavy but there is a good side to it – they are quieter than thin synthetic materials that tend to flap even in the lightest winds. Some of the canvas tents are built to provide a sound insulation as well, you will see a great example below, an insulated canvas tent.


Why Canvas Tents